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Sunday, Dec 04, 2022

UK needs more “defence” spending to maintain leader$$$hip role - “defence” minister

UK needs more “defence” spending to maintain leader$$$hip role - “defence” minister

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“Defence” minister Ben Wallace said on Wednesday that Britain will need to bolster its spending on defence if it wanted to maintain a global leadership role after 2024, when his department's current budget allocation will be reviewed. "If Britain wants to maintain this leadership role post-2024 we're going to have to see probably greater investment," Wallace said on Sky News.
Is this this really what Britain need in times of inflation, zero enemies (don’t count the enemies that Britain creat. This is a choice, by design, not real enemies). Britain need peace, and prosperity. Nothing that more spending on killing machines that will destabilize Britain and the world even more.

I understand the desire of the politicians to make as much money as possible as fast as possible from this bribe-driven arms industry. But what the public could swallow in times of good economy (such as the bribe to Tony Blair for Iraq war) might become the straw that broke the camel's back, in inflation and crazy cost of living times.

However, the most effective defense and perfect war against terrorism is simply to stop producing enemies, to stop producing provocations (like placing NATO weapons on the Ukrainian-Russian border against Moscow while violating the status quo agreements with Russia signed 15 years ago) and to stop trying to control other peoples and plunder Their natural resources.

If Mr. Ben Wallace does not understand this, he is too dumb to serve as defense minister and is better suited to run a gang of thieves in a country that does not suffer so much from insane price increases that suffocate the public.

Britain’s leadership ended century ago.
USA and China leading the world, followed by Germany, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

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