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Saturday, Jul 31, 2021

South America Is Eyeing Bitcoin: Who Will Be Next to Follow El Salvador?

South America Is Eyeing Bitcoin: Who Will Be Next to Follow El Salvador?

After Bitcoin's adoption as legal currency in El Salvador, the crypto world has been watching and waiting for who will be next. There are a few South American countries which are preparing to vote for legalizing crypto and paving the way for crypto infrastructure very soon.

Leaders from countries including Panama, Paraguay, Mexico, Argentina, Nicaragua, and Brazil, have all expressed support for cryptocurrencies and some are already moving to introduce legislation supporting the the digital currency.

Panama Is Preparing A Crypto Bill For July

Panamanian Congressman Gabriel Silva is preparing a bill to be unveiled next month that calls for widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies in the country as legal tender. Still further, the bill could potentially offer incentives for businesses that are in the crypto space such as tax exemptions and work permits.

Shortly after the announcement by El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele, Silva tweeted knowingly about how important the adoption of cryptocurrencies is for keeping up with, and right now frankly leading, the rest of the world.

In English, the tweet reads:

“This is important. And Panama cannot be left behind. If we want to be a true technology and entrepreneurship hub, we have to support cryptocurrencies.

We will be preparing a proposal to present at the Assembly. If you are interested in building it, you can contact me”

Bitcoin has always been for the people, by the people. It is certainly fitting that a progressive young leader paving the way for crypto is available for contact and wants anyone interested to be involved in the project.

Is Paraguay Next to Adopt BTC?

Meanwhile, Paraguay is also aligning itself to become the crypto capital in South America. Congressman Carlos Rejala is leading the way with a bill that will entice crypto businesses and crypto mining companies to operate within the country. If this first bill is approved, he plans to present a second bill legalizing bitcoin and other crypto currencies as legal money within the country.

In English the tweet reads:

“As I was saying a long time ago, our country needs to advance hand in hand with the new generation. The moment has come, our moment.

This week we start with an important project to innovate Paraguay in front of the world!

The real one to the moon”

Rejala knows that in order to stay current with the rest of his South American peers, Paraguay must position itself to be on the forefront of the crypto revolution. He understands that this is a pivotal moment in history and that as the new generation, he must advocate for adopting blockchain technology.

Which Country Will Next Adopt Bitcoin?

South America is certainly leading the way ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology adoption on a country-wide legalized scale. Soon enough, it seems like every country in South America will legalize some form of crypto.

Speculation is tough, but if the market continues it’s recent upswing, I suspect many more countries will be eager to get in on the crypto revolution.

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