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Sunday, Oct 25, 2020

Police recovers packages of suspected ganja

Police recovers packages of suspected ganja

Yesterday, 29 July, the RCIPS and Coast Guard recovered packages of suspected ganja that had been discovered by members of the public in two separate locations.
According to a police statement, at about 1:00PM members of the Cayman Islands Coast Guard were alerted to and recovered a package that had been found in the waters off Andresen Road in West Bay, by members of the public.

Upon realizing it might contain ganja, the persons turned the package over to Harbour Patrol officers, who contacted the Coast Guard. The package was found to weigh about 26lbs.

Shortly after 5:30PM members of the public found a package floating in the waters off Rum Point Drive. The persons contacted 9-1-1, and officers attended the location and recovered four parcels containing suspected ganja, which weighed about 30lbs.

The RCIPS would like to commend these members of the public in doing the right thing and turning these packages over to the authorities, and advises anyone who discovers any package that may contain illegal substances, to do the same.

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