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Tuesday, Dec 01, 2020

LA Gives Defence Bill Unanimous Passage

Members in the House gave their unanimous assent to the second reading of the Defence Bill, 2000, ensuring its ultimate passage and thereby setting the administrative framework under which the Cayman Islands Regiment will function.
The unopposed vote came about after the Premier, Hon. Alden McLaughlin in his summation to the debate pronounced a number of amendments that will be considered during the committee stage of the bill before the final vote for its passage is taken.

The amendments take into account valid points raised during the critique of the bill by the Opposition Members.

Acknowledging their contributions during the debate, the Premier said the debate on the bill was a fine example of a healthy democracy at work. He noted the amendments make for a “much better law”.

Hon. McLaughlin commented that the bill when passed and the law that will follow represent “another milestone in the continued development and growth of the Cayman Islands as an increasingly maturing democracy and a significant step in the long road of nation building.”

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