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Friday, Dec 02, 2022

“I am here to listen and to understand’ - UK Minister Amanda A. Milling. Is she really such an innocent abroad?

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UK Minister for the Overseas Territory, the Rt. "Hon". Amanda A. Milling in now in the Virgin Islands (VI) for high-level discussions following the early publication of the Commission of Inquiry recommendations to cancel democracy, suspend the constitution, take back full control, and recolonise the Virgin Islands.

The UK's latest innocent sent abroad clearly does not understand that, on the one hand, Britain cannot condemn Vladimir Putin for trying to cancel democracy in Ukraine and restore power back to its previous rulers, and, on the other hand, do the exact same thing in the Virgin Islands.

Before any "listening" and trying to "understand" others, she must first and above all to make clear that she come with clean hands, honest mind and good intentions, therefore she obviously reject the COI recommendations to violate human rights, abolish democracy, suspend the constitution and install a dictator instead of the government that is of the people, by the people, for the people. This is a must before any listening to new things. first she must condemn the crimes the COI recommended to commit against the Virgin Islanders.

This entitled white supremacy and neo-colonialist has no moral authority to "listen" to a people who are not of her kind, in a territory that belongs to the people she represents, when, given her limited experience, she is completely unable to understand that the COI's recommendations are a violation of human rights.

Democracy is a human right. Human rights are NOT negotiable. There is nothing more to listen to or to understand. Ms.
Milling should instead just apologies that the COI produced recommendations that violating the international law, and mind her own people's business.

The only things to negotiate are reparations for the hundreds of years of crimes against humanity that the British committed against the Virgin Islanders.

A deposit of £21 million pounds - that the wife of minister of finance, Sunak, evaded via the UK tax evasion trick of non-dom, while her husband added more and more taxes on the over-taxed British people -  would be a good start for a fair negotiation.

Anybody who does not condemn any attempt to cancel democratic rights is an active partner in crimes against humanity.

The one and the only different between what Putin try to do in Ukraine and what Britain is trying to do in the Virgin islands is that Ukraine could fight back because they have atomic facilities, army, weapons and police - while in BVI they stupidly have nothing. all the real power is in the hand pf the Brits: no police, no army, nothing. If they had - they would stand up for their human rights and win, and UK will lose as they lose every similar colonial war against the will of the local people: Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, just name it. Their powerful army can kill but not win. Their sophisticated intelligence can collect endless data but not to provide the insights of how to win the self-destructive instinct to solve every problem by violence, war, punishments and double standards. how not to go to far away war against the local people, against natural justice and against God.  And how not to teach others what good governance is while UK is sinking under endless culture of corruption, hypocrisy and fake democracy.

The first thing Ms. Milling should do before she dares to talk to the honourable people of the Virgin Islands is to declare that she is shocked, and condemns the crimes against humanity that the COI has committed by their recommendations.

Otherwise, she is acknowledging that it is fully legitimate for President Putin to do exactly the same in Ukraine and in every other ex-Soviet territory.

Peace and human rights. That’s all that is needed. To learn from history, not to repeat its mistakes.


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