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Sunday, Nov 27, 2022

False reporting a concern! Premier denies issuing $80K media contract

False reporting a concern! Premier denies issuing $80K media contract

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Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley has expressed concerns about what he describes as negative and false reporting by some members of the local media fraternity on the actions of the new National Unity Government.
Noting these actions are can be damaging, the Premier said it does not help anyone if the media reports untruths about the government as it tries to implement reformation programmes and preserve the territory’s democracy.

“For example, just a few days ago there was a false report by a radio personality that I gave someone an $80,000 contract to advance a GIS Public Television programme. This is not true, and I call on members of the media and public to be responsible at this time when we need calm and to maintain stability,” Dr Wheatley said.

“I am very concerned generally about the reckless dissemination of inaccurate information and the violation of journalistic principles well accepted across democracies across the world. Given that this subject falls under the Premier’s portfolio, I will begin a conversation with the media fraternity about how we can ensure the public is given accurate information and how we protect members of the public from slander, defamation, and libel,” the Premier added.

He noted that at this time in the Virgin Islands’ national life, there is a need for continued unity to get through the challenging period ahead.

The Premier further urged everyone to have a positive outlook on the future and be supportive of each other as a community.

“Let us go forward together as one people with a common purpose. Let us encourage and inspire each other as we strengthen and improve these beautiful Virgin Islands. In this new era of democratic governance, we are going to renew our society and transform it into one that delivers for all. I am confident that we can do this together as a community,” Dr Wheatley said.

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