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Sunday, Dec 04, 2022

Australia floods worsen as thousands more Sydney residents evacuate

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About 50,000 residents in New South Wales, most in Sydney's western suburbs, have been told to either evacuate or warned they might receive evacuation orders, up from Monday's 30,000, authorities said.
Torrential rains kept battering Australia's east coast on Tuesday, intensifying the flood crisis in Sydney as thousands more residents were ordered to leave their homes after rivers swiftly rose past danger levels, Reuters reported.

"This event is far from over, please don't be complacent," New South Wales Premier...

The latest wild storm cell - which brought heavy rains with several places receiving more than Australia's annual average rainfall in three days - is likely to ease in Sydney from Tuesday as the coastal trough moves north, the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) said.

But the risk of flooding could remain through the week with most river catchments already near capacity even before the latest deluge.

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